Sierra Nevada 2015

Whilst the rest of the Boat Club were enjoying the last days of the Christmas Holidays, Harry “Space Cadet” Glenister and Ali Douglass were at the lofty height of 2300m, in a surprisingly warm mountain range. Having settled down after a long journey, the boys took in the breathtaking (literally) view and looked forward to a productive camp.

Although surrounded by a Ski Resort, there was to be no such fun for these two. Each day began with a small breakfast, shortly followed by a warm up then between twelve and eighteen kilometres on the rowing machine. Afterwards came second breakfast (Ali’s favourite) and a quick break before another session on the erg or weights. Then a well needed lunch preceded a further two sessions, dinner and much needed sleep. The monotony of the day to day activity was occasionally broken up by what can only be loosely termed as football or some supervised drowning guised as “swimming”.

During the camp both athletes underwent what can only been described as a voyage of discovery. Ali learnt that he wasn’t cut out for the mileage and promptly decided to pull a sicky for a couple of days, which happened to coincide with a half hour test…Harry discovered just how rubbish his body was and gained the support of his own “personal” physiotherapy team. Yet despite this he still managed to lay down some big scores and show those pesky lightweights how it’s done.

All in all, a good camp for Glen and Ali with some big improvements made and a solid basis to start the New Year.